Pop Hits


Tom Marris 

Tom Marris and I worked together from the late 1960s until 1976. We worked on three songs together including, 'Guess I'll Never', 'Your Bodies Together', 'After the Tears'. He was a well-known Philadelphia-based artist. 



Esko Affair

Esko Affair is a pop group with a heavy-metal sound. I worked with them from 1968-1971. Led by frontman Al Waldman, they continued to make music until 1972. I worked with Al again later on with our song 'When You Smile'. 


Brothers Two

Brothers Two was a Philadelphia-based Soul and Pop R&B group. The group had several radio hits including Boogaloo Soul Party, Hoping, and My Sweetness. I worked with them for two decades. James Tindal, one of the brothers would go on to sing the hit "Easy Does It".

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Charlie Gracie

Charlie Grace and his 'Walk With Me Girl' 45 Record

Charlie Grace and his 'Walk With Me Girl' 45 Record

Gracie is one of the first big rock and roll stars coming from Philadelphia, in fact he's one of the first American artists to tour England. The Beatles found huge influence from him, primarily Paul McCartney.