The Decades

A Rock N' Roll Musical


SEEKING an Executive Producer for the new Rock n' Roll,

Rhythem, and Blues Musical. 

This show is a journey through the vibrant musical Heritage of Philly's music from 1955 to 1976. At that time Philadelphia dominated the music market, this was the golden age of pop and rock and roll. This play is loosely based on a Philadelphia record company, a pop singer and a television dance show. This musical is packed with 40 top hits as well as original music. Among a few songs that are included are : The Twist, Pony Time, Let the Good Times Roll, Wonderful, Wonderful, 96 Tears, Mashed Potato, You Can' t Sit Down, Angel in the Morning, Cast your Fate to the Wind, Volare, Wild One, Stairway to the Stars. This show will have them dancing in the aisles... this nostalgic adventure into the past is as current and fresh today as it was then!

The show is based on an idea by Bud Ross

-Musical Direction by Bill Jolly

-Choreographed by Jack Boleser

-Original music by Bud Ross

-Catalogue music from Cameo Parkway

-Book written by Karen Grossman and Stephen Stahl

-Orchestrations by Bill Jolly 

-Directed for the stage by Stephen Stahl

-Legal will be handled by Lloyd Remick Esquire